Florida Non-Profits Coalition to Assist PR Earthquake Victims

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As of 01/08/2020 a group of NGOs in the state of Florida reunited to assist PR earthquake victims.



We created an account in the name of JJ Lyon Guard Foundation, Inc, a 501C3,  Bank of America, Account #6173 to start collecting funds for assisting victims in PR and helping families that will undoubtedly come later to our state.

We obtained an 800# to support victims on their needs; medical & mental assistance and also to help locate family members that are lost or need of help.   


1-877-354-0810 option #4
Boondock K9 SAR/CERT in PR


We are using a warehouse facility in Arecibo as our main office, located in Arecibo Shopping Center, Ave. Rotarios, Arecibo, PR 00612, Boondock K9 SAR-CERT UNIT INC, Puerto Rico Chapter.


At this time, the Florida Coalition NGO Group is made up of the following organizations:

  • Boricuas de Corazón Inc 

  • JJ Lyon Guard Foundation Inc

  • Boondocks K9 Sar-Cert Unit Inc  

  • PR Connect

  • Fl State Firefighters Association

  • Coqui Nation

  • Alianza for Progress   

  • Holla Tallahassee

  • Chaplain Boondocks K9 Sar Cert      

  • Giselle Marie Foundation

  • Asociacion de Puertorriqueños

  • Viviendo en Florida

  • Hispanic Federation          

  • Have Hope You Matter

  • United For a Good Causes

  • Colectivo Arbol

  • My Neighbor PR

Other Collaborators: Hispanic Federation, PR Chamber of Commerce Orlando, and as others continue joining this effort, we will continue updating the list.


Others are in the process of joining us.  Linda Perez is leading this coalition , she can be contacted at 954-496-1463 for any assistance or question regarding this effort.

Our group is already in PR doing inspections of the damage. Our main focus at the present time is search and rescue. Provide support to victims in their town with medical needs, provide them some solar equipment to those in dark areas with no electricity, and provide them with water filters to get them hydrated and avoid any medical situations.

The power services in the south of PR are vulnerable and will likely take many months to repair. Our water system depends on reliable power, for this reason many areas are without water services.

We have the support of the governor of PR and their team of workers in the Police Department in Arecibo to assist us in this great effort.  Items that we are in need of are any solar equipment, medical supplies, water filters and large tents.  No food supplies are needed because the North and East sides of PR are open to assist with that.

And with your donations, we can buy in PR and help the local commerce.

Our Boondocks Intervol is sending 2 containers trailers worth of medical supplies. We have a need for two 53’ containers to use as storage for this supplies. Containers are going to be used in Boondock Facilities in 2013 East CR-470,  Sumterville, Florida, 33585

If someone has any good contacts with Airlines that can donate 25-35 airline tickets, or provide them at a low cost, we need that info as soon as possible.

The towns that we initially are going to be serving are Guanica, Guayanilla, Ponce, Peñuelas, Lajas, Yauco and recently adding Mayaguez… as soon as other issues arise, other towns could be added.

More information on the effort is going to be delivered through Social Media, Radio, and TV.

Thank you for your support

To stay informed with the latest updates from the foundation, visit the official Facebook page JJ Lyon Guard Foundation




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